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Trina’s Taking a Break


Trina’s taking a break till May 2015

For personal reasons Trina has stopped providing regular fitness sessions for a year.

She will be back in 2015.

To make sure you get updates on what happens next please sign up to the newsletter by clicking the link or entering into your web-browser and updating your preferences.  You must keep the ‘newsletter’ box ticked to get the updates.  Updates to occur towards the middle to end of March next year.

Please keep exercising in the meantime and encourage your families exercising!

Trina wins Triathlon Industry Association Prize


Trina wins prize from the Trialthlon Industry Assocation

Want help or advice in training for your triathlong - sprint or olympic distances?  Or how to minimise injury or recover from an injury?  Contact Trina for more info.

Find out more about services with Trina on her website or call / text 07899 891427.  

Great Results in 2014


2014 Fit and Thin clients are getting great results. 

Successes so far in 2014:

Phillip lost 6 kg and now his Doctor says he’s well on the way to reducing his health problems, has reduced his blood pressure, and massively improved his stamina.  His knee hardly twinges at all now, and he can ‘thread his way through to the bar’ much easier .. for a sparkly water of course :)

Helen learned to use the gears on her bike in just one 45 minute lesson.  She thought that in her late 30’s and working away from home she’d never have the time or patience to learn.  But a quick £15 late availability session was all it took.  She’s the confidence to go out further now with her friends on her bike at weekends.

Gavin and Helen had their fitness tested.  They have now got a baseline of their personal fitness, and targets of what to aim for in the next 6 weeks to improve the areas he was weakest in.  Gavin plans to book another session in 8 weeks and has asked Trina for a homework plan to help him get there.

Sam and Caroline have learned so many pilates exercises that were different to ones they’d tried in classes before .. they now set up their own ‘extra-curricular pilates’ nights in each others’ houses to practice so they can remember them and get them just right! 

Cornelia and Denis have had joint husband and wife circuit training sessions with Trina once a week for a few months now.  They really look forward to doing something together.  Trina sets the exercises differently for each of their abilities, yet stretches them to a a level that they ache the next day every time.  Just what they wanted.

Sam has discovered that for the first time ever she’s actually enjoying exercise.  She now knows she capable of more than she thought - and her husband is also booking his own personal training sessions with Trina too.

Alysha’s learned a better way to manager her diet so when she’s at college she can eat for energy, and still lose weight.  Plus she’s getting loads of exercise doing a different training session with Trina twice a  week.  And it’s fun!

Gillian has learned more than 15 different exercises to help mobilise her injured hip.  For the first time in over 10 years she has found ways to manage her limited movement and is pain free after some stretches followed by simple exercises.  Variety and results in just 4 x half hour sessions.  Highly recommended.

Find out more about services with Trina on her website or call / text 07899 891427.  

Trina Completes 22 mile Channel Swim Challenge


Trina completes Aspire Swim Challenge 2014 to raise funds for Aspire Spinal Chord charity.

Trina swam over 22 miles - the length of the English Channel - in 6 weeks to complete the Aspire Swim Challenge 2014. She kicked off her challenge on holiday in  Spain - swimming a mile every day of her holiday then picked up on her return in her local leisure centre pool.

Find out more about services with Trina on her website or call / text 07899 891427.  

Charity Events Sept/Oct/Nov 2013


Trina completes various Charity events in 2013

Using sport to raise money for a variety of charities over the Autumn, Trina took part in the Manchester 100km cycle ride for Christie’s Hospice; Abbey Dash for Age UK and Aspire Swim Challenge for Spinal Chord injuries.

Find out more about how you can train for a charity event or get help via Trina’s services with or call / text Trina 07899 891427.  

Meeting Louis Smith Olympic Gymast


Trina meets Louis Smith - sliver medallist gymast at London 2012 

Trina meets Louis Smith - Britains most sucessful Olympic Gymnast.  Had a great chat, and met a huge ambassador for sport in the UK.  Louis is working to set up a children’s gymnastics acadamy.

Find out more about services with Trina on her website or call / text 07899 891427.  

Meeting Paralympic Swimmers Sascha and Nyree Kindred


Trina meets Sascha Kindred (OBE) and Nyree Kindred (MBE) - 6 times Paralympic Gold Medallist

Trina gains top swim tips from Sascha and Nyree Kindred (and their 3 yr old daughter Ella!) at the Shobdon Festival of Food and Flying 29th June 2013.  Trina says “I was delighted to meet such experienced and successful swimmers from the Herefordshire area.  I couldn’t believe it when they said they train in the small town of Leominter - the pool I learned to swim in.  Sascha and Nyree are such ambassadors for the sport and for family life and the importance of sport in all our communities, able bodied or otherwise.  It was a real pleasure to meet them both."

Find out more about learning to swim/improving your swim technique and other services with Trina on her website or call / text 07899 891427.  

The Day I met Kimberley (Girls Aloud)


Press calls for Trina as local Skyride leader led to meeting Kimberley Walsh (Girls Aloud) who’s the skyride ambassador.

Trina  said “It was great to have Kimberley along to the Skyride Leeds launch event for the Yorkshire Post last month as she can reach a huge audience to encourage normal adults and their families to dust off their bikes and join us this summer for FREE guided bike rides.”  Kimberley will also be at the Leeds Big Ride on Sunday 7th July ready to lead off the event.  Come along and meet her.  She’s lovely!  And with her having climbed Mt Killamajaro she’s proved herself more than fit enough to ride round Leeds City Centre.. even if she does it in high heels!

Find out more about gaining confidence in cycling and other services with Trina on her website or call / text 07899 891427.  For more details on the FREE guided bike rides Trina and many of her colleagues are leading this summer through the Skyride programme check out the SkyRide website

Gearing Up for National Bike Week

It’s hotting up for national bike week. I’ve loads of women only guided bike ride events whether you’re 5 or Over 50!  No lycra or helmets required! 

Maximum 8 miles cycling - many are 3 miles or less.

FREE Events led by Trina at Fit and Thin include:

Wed 19th June - 12.30pm Over 50s Learn to Use Your Gears + guided flat bike ride in Crossgates, Leeds (women only)

Wed 19th June - 3.30pm Traffic Free Off-Road Taster, Temple Newsam Leeds (women only)

Thurs 20th June - 7.30pm Learn To Use Gears, Temple Newsam Leeds (women only)

Fri 21st June - 6.15 am Celebration Longest Day Ride, Temple Newsam Leeds (women only)

Sat 22nd June - 7.30am Wake Up to the Weekend - Temple Newsam, Leeds (women only)

Find out more about gaining confidence in cycling and other services with Trina on her website or call / text 07899 891427.

Trina Nominated for Breeze Award 2


What an honour! Trina Elkington has been nominated for a BREEZE AWARD this week to meet Victoria Pendleton as a ’thankyou’ from some of her clients. 

Ruth (client) said “I have been cycling with Trina on many occasions and she has developed my confidence from a novice cyclist scared of changing gears, roads and anything not completely flat to cycling (3 miles) on a daily basis, even during the dark winters months on unlit roads in all weather conditions, to even doing a little off-roading.

Find out more about gaining confidence in cycling and other services with Trina on her website or call / text 07899 891427.

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