Great Client Results already in Jan/Feb 2013!


Great client results so far in Jan/Feb 2013 - and we’re just 5 weeks in!!!

  • Lucy - aged 30 - lost 7.5 inches  and over 9 lbs in just 6 weeks.  How? by combining once a week 1 hr Personal Trainer sessions and improving her diet based on Diet Advice from Trina. Plus she got access to a FREE on-line food diary via Fit and Thin.   
  • Louise - aged 35 - improved the knee injury she’d been nursing for over a year to such an extent she’s now signed up for her first ever charity run - 10k Wrap Up and Run at Harewood House for Age UK.  She’s never run before.  Go girl !!
  • Shaun - In his 2nd week completed an 8 mile walk and feels more motivated than he ever has to stick at his fitness regime this time. He’s a busy deputy head who’s signed up to 10 weeks health and fitness with 6.30am early morning sessions to fit around his job. 
  • Nigel - aged 48 - thanked Fit and Thin for changing his wife, Claire’s attitude to exercise.  Claire bought a 6 week Kick Start Personal Trainer package with Trina and for the first time in her life is atually ENJOYING exercise.  Her family can’t believe it.  She’s even signed up for more sessions! 
  • Christine and Joan - aged 50 and 71 - have learned to swim and in just 8 lessons Christine is so confident she’s organised a team of colleagues from work to enter a charity swim event later in the year.  Wonderful news!
  • Corporate Clients are feeling the benefit of health checks and body MOTs.  One client found out he had high blood pressure.  Trina referred him to his Doctor who discovered he had a dangerous heart condition and is now receiving treatment.  He’d never have known without the Fit and Thin health check.

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