Great Results in 2014


2014 Fit and Thin clients are getting great results. 

Successes so far in 2014:

Phillip lost 6 kg and now his Doctor says he’s well on the way to reducing his health problems, has reduced his blood pressure, and massively improved his stamina.  His knee hardly twinges at all now, and he can ‘thread his way through to the bar’ much easier .. for a sparkly water of course :)

Helen learned to use the gears on her bike in just one 45 minute lesson.  She thought that in her late 30’s and working away from home she’d never have the time or patience to learn.  But a quick £15 late availability session was all it took.  She’s the confidence to go out further now with her friends on her bike at weekends.

Gavin and Helen had their fitness tested.  They have now got a baseline of their personal fitness, and targets of what to aim for in the next 6 weeks to improve the areas he was weakest in.  Gavin plans to book another session in 8 weeks and has asked Trina for a homework plan to help him get there.

Sam and Caroline have learned so many pilates exercises that were different to ones they’d tried in classes before .. they now set up their own ‘extra-curricular pilates’ nights in each others’ houses to practice so they can remember them and get them just right! 

Cornelia and Denis have had joint husband and wife circuit training sessions with Trina once a week for a few months now.  They really look forward to doing something together.  Trina sets the exercises differently for each of their abilities, yet stretches them to a a level that they ache the next day every time.  Just what they wanted.

Sam has discovered that for the first time ever she’s actually enjoying exercise.  She now knows she capable of more than she thought - and her husband is also booking his own personal training sessions with Trina too.

Alysha’s learned a better way to manager her diet so when she’s at college she can eat for energy, and still lose weight.  Plus she’s getting loads of exercise doing a different training session with Trina twice a  week.  And it’s fun!

Gillian has learned more than 15 different exercises to help mobilise her injured hip.  For the first time in over 10 years she has found ways to manage her limited movement and is pain free after some stretches followed by simple exercises.  Variety and results in just 4 x half hour sessions.  Highly recommended.

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