Testing Reebok Mat

reebok deluxe fitness mat

I’ve been testing a new Reebok Fitness Mat for Powerhouse Fitness.

What do I think?

The mat is pretty thick and good quality - I’ve been using it outdoors with clients for ‘bootcamp’ type exercises and they like it saying it’s comfy on uneven ground. It’s good for indoors too as the backing is a bit ‘sticky’ and doesn’ slip.

It’s got a great carry handle built in that allows you to roll it up and store/carry it securely.

Only downside is the colour - pale blue will get grubby quite quickly.  But apart from that I’d say give it a go.  Ideal for a yoga, fitness class, or home use.

Want to order one?  Contact Powerhouse Fitness on http://www.powerhouse-fitness.co.uk/

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