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Now with my Fit and Thin Personal Trainer’s help I LOVE EXERCISE.  I never did any before!  2 months on I even hired a bike and went swimming on holiday.  My friends couldn’t believe it! 

                                                                                                             [Jo, aged 41.  PA in industry]

An hour’s workout with Trina is worth 2 hours in the gym.  No doubt about it. Highly recommended.

                                                                                                           [Alison, aged 40, Shop Owner]

Trina’s been helping me get fit enough to join the RAF.  She’s been great. She did the same fitness tests on me that the RAF do…..and we’ve been measuring my progress regularly.  I’ve been running, building strength and I really feel I’m getting there.  I was impressed that she works equally well with men and women.

                                                                                       [David, aged 21.  Doorman and Security]

I have personal training sessions with Trina. I lost 3 inchs in total with Trina in just 6 weeks.  An inch on chest, hips and waist.  Trina has a knack of gently pushing me to a level that loses weight, without me feeling I was going to faint or be sick or anything!

Friendly as well.  I’d used another personal trainer in the past who wasn’t half as good. Trina’s the best.

                                                                                             [Olivia, aged 19, Make Up Consultant]  

 Zumba Ladies Swarcliffe Kettlebells Class Whitkirk Nordic Walking Ladies Temple Newsam 

I was on beta-blockers to help me manage my heart condition before I started Personal Trainer exercises with Trina.  I’m delighted that after just 12 sessions the Doctor has taken me off all medication and my heart condition is under control.  The only thing I’m doing differently in my life is exercise with Trina once a week.  I’m a real success story and delighted to be a reference for Trina at Fit and Thin.

                                                                                                          [Nansi, aged 42.  Archeologist]                                                      

Trina’s Zumba classes are great.  She’s always warm and friendly with a smile on her face.  The routines are simple to learn, but make me sweat.  What I like is that some routines are easier than others, so if I want I can sit the odd one out without feeling embarrassed.  Go on, ‘ditch the workout, join the party’.

                                                                                                                        [Zoe, aged 26, Mother]                

I’ve been doing Trina’s kettlebells class twice a week. 

After a check-up with the Nurse, I was gobsmacked when the nurse went to get a doctor to check my asthma condition. She couldn’t believe I’d made a 20% improvement in my lung capacity in just 6 weeks.  It’s all due to the kettlebells class.

My sore back has also gone.  If you’re not sure if Trina’s for you then don’t be - she’s really professional, great fun, and really motivating.  And she gets fab results.  Give her a call.

                                                                                            [Paul, aged 42, Programme Manager]                                                                  

I wanted to learn to swim before my holiday.  I’d always been embarrased that I can’t swim as I got frightened of the water in school lessons.  I’ve now had 4 lessons and the change is phenomenal.  I can now swim reasonable breastroke, front crawl AND backstroke.  I couldn’t even float before! 

My favourite is front crawl.  It’s wonderful the way Trina’s got me to be happy to put my face in the water and breath properly for front crawl.  I was frightened to even get into the water before.

She gives me such confidence and my friends are REALLY going to be impressed when I jump in that pool on holiday.  Trina’s swim sessions are MORE THAN WORTH THE MONEY.  

                                                                                           [Ashleigh, aged 24, Teaching Assistant]

         Fit and Thin Provides Weight Loss    Fit and Thin Cycling Lessons    Men Workout with Fit and Thin

I’m probably Trina’s greatest fan.  I go to her Zumba, Kettlebells, Nordic Walking, Keep Fit and Personal Training sessions. 

If it wasn’t for her I’d just be walking.  She’s such a lovely person and without her smile and motivation I know I wouldn’t be doing half the exercise I do.  I think it’s important that whatever age you are you should keep active and she helps me do just that.

                                                                                                                    [Elaine, aged 58, Retired]                                                                                               

I really enjoyed my personal training sessions with Trina. She designed a programme specifically to target the areas that I wanted to improve, and I saw results really quickly. 

Each session had different exercises to keep it interesting, so no two sessions were the same. 

Trina would really challenge me, because I wanted to be challenged, and I would always leave feeling that I had got the most out of my session that I possibly could. And feeling really good, both body and mind! I'd recommend Trina's sessions to anybody.

                                                                                                       [Tanya, aged 39, Administrator]

Trina’s classes are brilliant. High energy and well worth the sweat for the fun, enjoyable workout!  Trina gives you a boost while working out.  BRILLIANT TEACHER.

                                                                                                                       [Rachel, aged 28, Mum]

Over the past 6 months Trina has given me the insight and motivation to become the fittest I have ever been in my life. 

We have fun and laugh. We have become friends and will remain so I am sure because she supports me and I will support her. 

Trina is inspirational, listens to people and is very kind.  People of all ages come to her and do not feel intimidated. She makes people feel at ease and they have fun. Her work is invaluable I certainly could not have done this without her.

                                                                                                 [Louise, aged 38, Financial Advisor]

      Female Client Cyciing

I found Trina when I was looking for someone to help me improve my swimming  technique. We quickly conquered the swimming and established a rapport so I decided to try out her personal training sessions. 

I’ve spent aprox 12 months with Trina and feel all the better for it. She is fantastic at motivating you to train harder, without you realising it. I highly recommend anyone looking to improve their fitness levels to give Trina a go. She’s warm, friendly, reliable, great value for money and gets results in a fun way!

                                                                                                          [Kate, aged 41, Project Officer]

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