Health Check Or Fitness Test 

Health Checks and Fitness Tests available with Fit and Thin independant female personal trainer in  Leeds, LS15.  

Privacy guaranteed.  Low prices.

Want your blood pressure, body fat, weight, BMI and other key health indicators taken without the trouble of going to the Doctor?

Get your body fat measured before and after you start your diet or slimmng club so you can track your progress.

Then book a Health Check or a Fitness Test with Trina at Fit and Thin.

     Range of Body, Health and Fitness Checks  Body Fat Measurement Available  Your Body Measurements plus Diet and Fitness Advice Available    

Options Available:

£12.50 Basic Health Check (1/2 hr): blood pressure, body fat %, BMI, Weight.

 £25 Full Health Check (1 hr): blood pressure, body fat %, BMI, Weight, Lung Capacity PLUS full body measurements, lung capacity, WHR. Disease likelihood indicator.

£25 Fitness Test (1hr): cardio-vascular test, strength tests (arms, ‘core’, legs, abdominals), blood pressure, body fat %, BMI, Lung Capacity.

£35 Combined Health Check and Fitness Test (1.5 hrs): cardio-vascular test, strength tests (arms, ‘core’, legs, abdominals), blood pressure, body fat %, BMI, Weight, Lung Capacity, full body measurements, WHR, Disease likelihood indicator.

£ Special Pricing:  Company Health Checks. Health checks for your staff can be arranged - either ‘mini body MOTs’ or ‘full body MOT’s’.  Priced according to your needs.  Call to discuss.

Trina did a Full Health Check on me at my first Personal Trainer session.  She discovered an irregularity in my hearbeat and sent me to the Doctor.  Thank heavens she did.  I had a blocked artery and my heart was missing every 4th beat.

My Doctor said if it had continued I could have had a heart attack.  I had treatment and when it was safe, started exercising slowly with Trina then built up from there.

I’m so grateful to her.

                         [Jo, aged 40.  PA in industry.. see more client testimonials here]

Prices all listed on prices page. 

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